LIFE IS ABOUT MOMENTS, DON'T WAIT FOR THEM. CREATE THEM is a one-woman operation, led by Chantal Musquetier and founded in 2016. Her strong sense for spotting new opportunities combined with over 20 years of experience in the entertainment, media and leisure business has gained her the reputation of creating out of the box win-win situations for a broad spectrum of brands, artists and companies. She’s extremely passionate about what she does and always searching for new  ways to exceed the expectations. When you need an experience marketing manager that can bring teams in motion and build brands, She gets the job done. 

OUR VISION’s vision is to eminently utilize windows of opportunities by bringing interdisciplinary talents together. Because feels that loyalty and trust are the fundamentals to perform at your very best.


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WHAT WE DO and how!

marketing & project management

By acting like a brand and talent builder and always work from a holistic brand perspective.’s knowledge and network gives you the ultimate freedom to work with the best suppliers and greatest creative minds in the industry. Everything we initiate fully contributes to the quality and purpose of your objective(s) but also to finding new and additional revenue models, seeking third-party collaborations and fulfil (legal) negotiations.

This way, you can fully focus on discovering, expanding and developing your brand while ensures the extension and maximalisation of the reach and effectiveness of your skills by facilitating the very best circumstances for you to thrive and to get the very best out of yourself. 

For who?

Brands, companies, artists, festivals that need a bit more direction on writing their plans or just need support in marketing or project management on a daily basis. 



Working with Chantal is as being inspired from different angles. Her knowledge of Marketing combined with enormous energy and creativity always leads to new ideas and positive energy among the people she’s working with. She is capable of bringing a company further by standing for quality and development using creative solutions and out-of-the-box ideas.
— Michael Teeuw, Technical Consultant Digital Media



What is a braintrust? Well the braintrust is a method of workshop to give you the tools you need to come with a clear brand ID, proposition or business plan. Since I got a lot of requests to help brands, companies or persons to create a clear proposition, I created a couple of workshops/ sessions to lead in to that demand.
The most ideas are in people’s heads. I just help them to get it out… By visualising, asking (a lot) of questions, draw, write and discuss. 

Part 1
Clarity: What is the image of your brand and what do you want as Identity? 
What do you stand for as a brand? What do you want to stand for? Is there a difference between those two? During this first session we visualise your brand and vision. 

This is an eye opening process. An exercise, which you haven’t done in a while, because you think it’s so obvious! 
The experience afterwards, the session is that you look critical to your own expectations. It gives clarity. It’s getting back to the basics, back to the why. Is it still that what you aimed for? 
Has it become the brand, the company for which you stand? And after having success and became a bigger brand or company, how can you follow up to your own successes without forgetting what you stand for? 
It gives insight in your own expectations and drive to follow your vision. 

Part 2
Where do we want to go and what do we need to get there?
During the second part of the session we define your strengths and opportunities. What do we have to meet our objectives?  
After that we look into your weaknesses; what is our challenge? What is it that we miss in our organisation? All these questions will be questioned and answered during the second session. 

The second session is more serious it is to determine a long-time commitment where you can meet up to your new expectations and try to keep your focus. 

You can do both parts on the same day (approx. 9 till 5) or you can split the sessions and take two half days.

Do you want to know what a braintrust can do for your brand, company or artist? Or you want to know the possibilities?Drop us an e-mail. 


every client is unique. helps you find and tell the story that is truly yours. Creating a full circle brand and marketing plan that will help to expand your event or talent. We are very proud to have helped these brands become even stronger.

Working with Chantal is inspirational. With her creative thinking she is always up for new challenges and open for new directions. She has next to that a mentality of really getting things done.
In my opinion those qualities combined and of course her positive spirit has made working with Chantal a great pleasure!
— Marjolein van der Stolpe, Managing Director at Leisure Expert Group