Fuck it!

It was about five years ago when I was working for one the most beautiful and powerful brands in the world. Disney Benelux was in the midst of a reorganization and finding ways to restructure the business, but it was safe to say that I was completely lost too. I felt completely caught up in a matrix-based organization in which I was reporting to 3 managers; on a hierarchal level, on an executional level and to top it off I was dealing with the European VP. At the same time this rebranding demanded a big launch event, with an integrated 360 marketing approach, the management of a highly successful pop band and a team of 7 people that each needed their attention and inspiration. And as always, I was trying to keep them all happy and myself sane at the same time. 

What no one knew though, is that I was struggling and in search of my own motivation. In order to create unity, the company send its employees to Thorn for an inspirational teambuilding session. The objective? Team bonding and getting to know each other in teams of 10 people and from all three different locations. 

We collectively worked on our team skills, commercial skills, the overall skills valued in the company and off course personal skills. Everyone felt that these sessions were the answer to everything. I however, was left with even more questions. 

If there’s one thing I realized it is that if there’s one person that should be held responsible for my very own happiness, it should be me. It’s so easy to blame everything and everyone around you, but in order to things to change, make the change. Create it. Yourself. Just do it (Yes, Nike picked that slogan for a reason) 

So I said; fuck it and booked a ticket to Ibiza and went for a yoga retreat. Lena's retreat is life changing in many ways and since that year:

  • I have quit my job (twice)
  • Started my gym routine (visiting the gym 3 times a week – and still going strong!) 
  • Founded C.inc

And have visited Lena Evert every year ever since and each time I return to Amsterdam I fee like a better version of myself. Grateful for everything and everyone that I crossed paths with and foremost for this life-changing, valuable lesson. 

But most importantly... I remember to enjoy live to the fullest. Say fuck it once in a while and jump on your bike on a working day and go shopping, watch the sun go up and down on the same day, get in your car and drive to Paris or smile to someone you don't know.

Because this is it; this is your trip, it's happening right now and here is the thing.. it is not waiting for you!