The why behind the why

© Marc van der Aa

© Marc van der Aa

The very first time I thought about starting my own company was about 4 years ago.
I worked for The Walt Disney Company at that time and after a restoring yoga retreat (where someone ‘pushed’ all the right buttons by touching my feet and retrieving my entire life story by doing so) I desperately needed things to change. That’s when I have created the ultimate roadmap for myself. My dreams. My goals. That was also the beginning of my journey into the direction of my business dreams.

But before I could really bring those to life, my path crossed ALDA Events' one. I consciously decided to take the position as Marketing Director and make that my first move. What an adventure that has been! I got the honor to work with such a huge pool of talent. Not only within the marketing team, but in the entire company and some of the best artists in the world!

During my time at ALDA, I kept developing myself continuously. One of the ways I’ve done so, is by working with a NLP coach and during my sessions with that coach, the idea of launching my own company crossed my mind implicitly again. You see, I always go a very long way to please others and while doing so, I tend to forget my own needs.

But I stayed in the exact same place for another year. Successfully launched The Flying Dutch and sold out two Amsterdam Music Festivalnights in the Amsterdam Arena.

They always say three times is a charm and I guess I am not the exception to the rule…

Fast forward to the day after Christmas (2015). I had dinner with a someone who I hold dear. We’d only known each other for a year and met in a business context, but we possess the exact sensitivity for the people and the energy that surround us. That’s our ultimate connection.

During that particular dinner he emphasized something that would hold me in its grip for a long period of time afterwards. He said: ‘everything you do in your life, you do to make other people happy. When are you starting to do the things that make you happy!?’ *BOEM*

So we started talking about my talents and it never ceases to amaze me how others always seem be able to sum up your own talents so much easier. And how hard of a time we’re having to acknowledge our own talents and skills. (I know I do!)

Being one of the most successful players in his industry, everything he said came as a huge complement to me and I will forever be grateful for the inspiration he gave me that night.

That’s when everything kick started and I started to write and work on my plans in a very concrete matter. The direction was clear now. And one thing’s for sure: I will never, ever regret the business decision that derived from that conversation.

Doubting your talent(s)?
Drop me an email for a date! Because Everyone has them, but sometimes you just need someone to touch the right points to trigger them.