‘What is it that you do, exactly?’ A completely legitimate question that I get asked more or less three times a week lately.

The short answer? I build brands and develop talent(s). Creative talent that is.

Needless to say, creative talent not only comes in all shapes, but lots and lots of colors and flavors too; writers, singers, performers, songwriters, actors, artists, festival and event organizers, web or app designers, filmmakers, photographers and so on.

Talent can stand on its own, but it so often becomes way versatiler or richer by connecting it to other, different sorts of talent or creativity. That’s where I come into play. I utilize my skills, knowledge and years of experience to build the brands behind those talent(s) by connecting them with like-minded creators in order to further develop them or by creating a career blueprint, brand- or talent strategy or a custommade roadmap. From bigger companies to startups and from (consumer) goods to individual artists and smaller brands and everything in between; this is what makes me tick.

I’ve always profoundly loved the feeling of handing my team members the right tools to help them adequately evolve and develop their skills and talents in order for them to rise above themselves. As many of you may know, gut feeling and core talents tend to weigh more than any resume and often makes up for any lack of experience and this vision has helped me to establish great teams and dito dynamics.

It would be an understatement to say that I am proud of every individual member that has been part of those great teams. That’s why I will always keep a close eye on their career, experiencing a great sense of joy witnessing their successes and their personal pursuit of happiness.

I guess I found my calling way earlier than I thought, but this time around, everyone’s welcome to join ‘team C.Inc’.