Goodbye or Hello

December is nearly 3 weeks old. Sinterklaas is on is way back to Spain and NYE is getting close.

As long as I remember I don't like this evening. It makes me feel sad and I prefer just to watch bad television, go to bed early and hit the gym on January 1st but that is not really social accepted behavior. 

 When I was younger and went to France every year for a camping vacation to visit my friend JB and I always found a reason to leave a day earlier. That way, in my head, I skipped the last day. Because that last day always made me sad. 

 I guess that is the same feeling I get on New Years Eve celebrations. I have to say goodbye... and I suck in goodbyes.

 The strange thing is... we say goodbye everyday when we say goodbye to yesterday but suddenly on NYE it's a thing, it is mandatory.

 But it is also the time to reflect on another year that gone by, to remember my challenges and triumphs, remember times that I got hurt and got up. 


Another chance to do better, not to worry and trust in what will be. So instead of goodbye, I say Hello!

Hello to new adventures, hello to new people and hello to everyone I love and with open arms I embrace the new year.

Hello 2017!