You might have missed it, but Amsterdam Dance Event took over Amsterdam last week.

An astonishing 5 days, consisting of 450 events, 2200 artists and 375.000 visitors from all over the world. all with one thing in common; they breathe and live music.


All of them were represented; fans, bookers, artists, producers, labels, A&R managers, promoters and event developers, but also all those (bigger) brands in search of new innovative ways to reach their target audience through music.


The Amsterdam Dance Events is a place where the biggest names on earth present and showcase their latest work, but even more it is the place where talent gets the opportunity to share that talent with a bigger and broader audience.

For me, that's what makes ADE so special. Talent should always be supported and there's nothing that makes me happier than offering the right platform to that talent.

After all, it exists in so many ways. I honestly believe it would make for a better world if people were less focused on the things they're not good at and focus on their talent(s) instead.


Never be afraid of young talented people full of ambition, but embrace and stimulate them in every possible way.


Because there's no greater good than teaching by learning.