You know that feeling? You are surfing on waves of opportunities. One new assignment after another is coming your way and you never ever had to think about long-term plans.

And then suddenly you know that only opportunities are not enough, because you want more. You have to visualize and plan your future. What makes you tick? And what is the difference between you al the others who are doing what you are doing? Who are you as a brand? The last couple of months I’ve been working with several artists, brands and companies to find an answer to that question. And that has been an interesting journey. The funny discussions, the competition between the teams and the outcome, the braintrust is for everyone a truly inspiring process.


What is the braintrust?

We create a complete day with fun and very useful exercises to come up with your brand ID, long term objectives and at the end with a SWOT we create a couple of strategic questions that we have to solve and answer to make sure we meet these long term objectives.

It take some time and you have to clear you agenda for at least a day, but it is totally worth it. Do you want a braintrust for yourself, your team or company? Or you want to know what a braintrust can do for you?

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