Goodbye or Hello

December is nearly 3 weeks old. Sinterklaas is on is way back to Spain and NYE is getting close.

As long as I remember I don't like this evening. It makes me feel sad and I prefer just to watch bad television, go to bed early and hit the gym on January 1st but that is not really social accepted behavior. 

 When I was younger and went to France every year for a camping vacation to visit my friend JB and I always found a reason to leave a day earlier. That way, in my head, I skipped the last day. Because that last day always made me sad. 

 I guess that is the same feeling I get on New Years Eve celebrations. I have to say goodbye... and I suck in goodbyes.

 The strange thing is... we say goodbye everyday when we say goodbye to yesterday but suddenly on NYE it's a thing, it is mandatory.

 But it is also the time to reflect on another year that gone by, to remember my challenges and triumphs, remember times that I got hurt and got up. 


Another chance to do better, not to worry and trust in what will be. So instead of goodbye, I say Hello!

Hello to new adventures, hello to new people and hello to everyone I love and with open arms I embrace the new year.

Hello 2017! 

Global Citizens

Picture: Michel Porro

Picture: Michel Porro

I think everybody's digital media timelines exploded last week with politics, black peet, healthcare and refugee issues, but it was also a year ago the attacks in Paris happened. Sensitive topics, but since the subject came up a couple of times last week I decided to write this.

I always try to move around without judgement and borders. I believe, and a lot of friends with me, that we are not just Dutch, American, Kenyan, French or whatever country we are from. We are citizens of the world; global citizens.

I have friends who spend their entire year saving refugees and travelled from Lebanon to Lesbos or vice versa. And I have friends living in Kenya and who wake up and try to make a difference and to save lives every day. 

And even close to home there are so many people who do good things or help others everyday. We move around and look at the world as our dance floor. We travel the world, business and pleasure, and we see ourselves more and more as these global citizens. Holland is where our home is, but more and more we have our home away from home, where we also feel at home, welcome and secure.

Due to digital media our world became much bigger then before and makes it so easy to reach out, to give your opinion or to just commend on things. 

Hard, unfundemental and judgemental.... watching what others might have and we don't.

And that makes people angry... maybe it is time to turn this around. Count your blessings, see everything you do have. What an amazing country we live in and that our possibilities are endless.

Earlier this year at Ibiza I re-read the book of Paul Fentener van Vlissingen (ondernemers zijn ezels) and there he wrote;

Your chances in life completely depend on the place, time and situation you are born in.

We are the lucky ones; let's open our eyes to see that. Let's be real global citizens and live as one!